The Old Dairy in Andover – Lucy & Dan

by | Feb 24, 2022


Lucy and Dan’s wedding at The Old Dairy in Andover has got to be one of my all-time favourite weddings. With contemporary-chic details blended with touches of old-english countryside charm, they really nailed it with the styling.

And it was fun! Quirky playfulness was injected into every detail. And everywhere you looked was something to make you smile.



The wheelbarrow full of beers (or ‘Beer Barrow’ as they called it), the hamper full of flip flops for ‘dancing shoes’. Even the little ‘ice cream man’ hats the groomsmen wore whilst handing out ice creams after the meal. Lucy and Dan really had thought of everything. And made sure their day was joyful, unique, and unmistakably theirs.


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But I think the best way to sum up their wedding is with one photo. Of Lucy and Dan driving away from their ceremony in a vintage Beetle convertible, with Lucy’s bouquet of white roses held high in celebration, and tin cans dancing merrily behind. Classic, joyful, timeless. And above all, filled with happiness and the rapture of true love.


Lucy and Dan started their day getting ready in the quiet, cosy rooms of The Old Dairy. With its comfy armchairs, wonderfully relaxed atmosphere and exposed wooden beams, it was the perfect place to start their day. And to make it even more perfect, it’s only a few minutes’ walk away from the church!


And what a church! The Christ church in Hatherden was struck by lightning in 1975 and has since been completely restored. And this gives it a unique look, blending traditional religious charm with a cool, modern trendiness. 

And I just loved the foliage around the entrance and the summer blooms outside the doorway, too. Not only did it make my wedding photographer’s mind start swimming with photo opps, it made walking into the church feel like entering a fairy wonderland.


The Old Dairy in Andover has been lovingly restored by the owners into an amazing reception venue. The reality is, you can’t swing a cat in England anymore without hitting a barn wedding venue. But few have the same quirky charm and welcoming atmosphere as The Old Dairy.

An impressive milk bottle chandelier, rustic oak beams, wooden floors and white painted brickwork combine to give it a contemporary-rustic aesthetic. And the friendly face of the Henry the Bull statue watches from the wall, ever on the lookout for a selfie opportunity! It’s at once, charming, quirky and welcoming. If you’re looking for a barn wedding venue in Hampshire, The Old Dairy is perfect.

Lucy and Dan left the ceremony in their oh-so-cool vintage Beetle convertible. And I walked back to The Old Dairy with the rest of the wedding party. The acoustic band from the ceremony were already set up, their chilled-out melodies filling the barn and carrying out over the golden fields.  




Dan and Lucy’s wedding styling was a whimsical celebration of English nostalgia. The coconut shy, reminiscent of funfairs and days at the seaside. The old English red letterbox for their cards. And the ice cream man hats worn by the groomsmen as they handed out cornettos and milk pops in the evening. It was all so quintessentially English, charming and fun. 

But it wasn’t all fun and games! They balanced out all this quirkiness with exquisite details. I loved the way the periwinkle blue of the bridesmaid dresses matched the dove grey of the VW Beetle. How the seating plans had each table like the chapter from a book. The English forest foliage hanging from the beams, and the buttercream wedding cake nestled in an explosion of beautiful white roses, verbascum and campanula.

The whole wedding was a delightful blend of old English charm and beautiful contemporary styling.




The Old Dairy is amazing for wedding photography.

Its wonderfully secluded gardens will be the perfect place for us to disappear for a few moments for your couple’s portraits. And with a lavender-lined stone pathway and an old pergola sagging beneath the weight of wisteria, I couldn’t imagine a more romantic setting for your first few moments alone together as a married couple.

But I have to say, I’m a sucker for a golden field (who isn’t?!) And so in the evening, Dan, Lucy and I snuck away from the party into the golden fields out the back of the venue. The laughter of their guests and the walking bassline of the jazz band carried out over the gently waving grass. And they had a few rare moments to be truly intimate together. Kissing, laughing and dancing in the glow of the setting sun.





And Lucy and Dan were my perfect couple. A couple who embrace life, enjoy the little things, and celebrate every day they get to spend together.

And they really valued their photography, too. With two couple’s portraits sessions, smoke bombs AND a sparkler exit, they wanted to drain every last drop of fun out of their day. Do everything, have every experience, get every amazing photo they could. And celebrate the start of their life together in the best possible way.

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